Food literacy resolution hard to swallow for some grocers, growers – The Bay Citizen

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Keep Food Legal
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Food literacy resolution hard to swallow for some grocers, growers – The Bay Citizen.

This situation in America that we face is disgraceful.  We sit here and argue over whose shit smells worse.  On one side also known as “The Correct” side, we have a group of people trying to push local and organic produce to lower the obesity rate in children and overall america….. for those of you that dont think there is a problem with obesity here in America, why dont you just open your curtains and look outside for 5 mins and count how many none obese people you see.

I will talk shit and make fun of the “hippies” and all the organics, but guess what…. they are correct.  We need to eat Local, Organic and IN SEASON produce.  If it doesn’t grow near you that time of year don’t buy it!  Why are you eating tomatoes in December?1 they don’t grow then and you know they taste like crap, and if they do look good they probably came from somewhere in south america and have been sprayed with a gas to make them turn red because they have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Now I know you are going to sit your fat ass back in your computer chair, take a swig of your Coke, Jolt, Bawls Energy or Mountain Dew and say “hey! this assholes has no idea what he is talking about”…  To that I say “Up yours” I was one of them, I was 14 years old and 220Lbs with over 30% body fat.  i was on my way to and heart attack at 30, stroke by 40 and death at 50.   You know why, because my options for fruits and vegetables at school can either on a burger or as a side of fries.  Here’s a fact, a potato is just a starch, we need some color on the plate and Ketchup does not count as a vegetable or fruit.

I know this looks like a rant…. because it is. I am God Damn tired of these whiny cry baby billionaire companies stepping in and changing things for “Our Benefit” when all they care about is $$$$.

Here are the actual Facts

  1. kids today are FAT
  2. School Lunch programs suck at best
  3. We have the ability to change all this.
  1. lolabees says:

    I went with a friend to pick her 3 year-old son up from pre-school, and they had a giant bowl of Dum-Dums that they were passing out candy to all of the kids at the end of the day. I was appalled to see that they start stuffing them with sugar at such a young age. And naturally, the kids throw a tantrum if they can’t have more than 1. That would be reason enough for me to not choose that school for my kid. It puts any parent in a no-win situation.

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