The Importance of food photography

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Inspiration
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Photos of Food, food magazine, Instagram, Food Porn…. it all a part of our virtual landscape now.  You cant log into anything these days with seeing images of food both high end and low end.  The News covers it, shows and movies are based around it, every aspect of a cooks life is now under the multimedia microscope.

We are reaching a point of awareness in the country when it comes to food, through instagram, Facebook, twitter, forkly and many others like them. These sites and apps are allowing all of us to share our home cooked meals, an amazing dessert by your favorite pastry chef, and a smile brought to someone’s face because they love the way you cook for them.

Many chefs have issues with pictures being taken in the dining rooms and I understand the reasoning behind it.   Here are a few of the reason and they are all very legitimate.

It’s distracting you, I disagree as I do take pictures of my meals sometimes as do many chefs. I believe this brings us closer to the food

It’s distracting who you’re with,  I agree to disagree with this one a 3 second picture hardly distracts you from your company

It’s distracting the other diners,  easy fix, don’t use flash

It’s distracting the chef,  this only applies for open kitchens, and why is the chef paying any attention to the floor and not the tickets hanging in the window

It chills the food chef spent time and energy on that dish and now its temperature is dropping,

It ruins the mystique. Some think this ruins the end of the book for some people.  i disagree, I believe it give it even more intrigue, because now I can see the food taken by a diner instead of prop that was taken by a professional photographer.


Some chefs don’t want pictures taken because they are simply bad pictures and they don’t want the food to look like that, they feel it can give a bad impression of the food and that it will turn guests away.  I am not one of these chefs, I believe you should take pictures of your experiences.  Chefs should be honored that people enjoyed it so much that they wanted to take a picture and share it with other.  In a study they found that people take pictures of the things we love.   Take a min and go through your pictures and see what you take the more images of, your kids, spouse, pets, food.  I do agree that it has become somewhat of a fad and people need to have some respect for other diners and learn how to take a picture properly in a not so well lit dining room.

the importance of food photography in our virtual landscape these days I believe is very important.  It allows a wide range of people to experience something they might not have tried yet, or shows off a dish or ingredient they have never had before and for me and many young chefs it gives inspiration.  Seeing others work possibly using it as a way to make your own work even better, I see nothing wrong with this and I encourage and fully support it.

Here is a very helpful set of tips to guide you on your foodstagram


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