A non food rant

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Forgive me, for this has nothing to do with food….. well atleast on the service it doesn’t, but if you dig deep enough it will.

This all pertains to the most recent Bart strike.  I will not bore you with the details of what either side were asking. I will only tell the truth from a working class, blue collar point of view.

Friday October 18th Bart workers stepped out and went on strike for the second time this year.  They have their reasons, some reasonable and some not.  Management and Employees would not budge on certain issues namely more money/benefits.

Now I understand that everyone wants to make more money, I am one of them. To quote a movie “they say money can’t buy happiness? Look at this smile, ear to fucking ear baby”.     But in this case it wasn’t so much about how much money the employees were taking home as it was how much management was.  Why can’t people sit and think how lucky they are to have benefits and a great wage for minimal work. Not to put down Bart employees, but the average worker I have come across do not know the schedules of trains, busses, stops, eta of trains or any valuable information for that matter.  They want more money and they can’t even get the trains to run on time.

Now this is where we get to the food, Friday night at the restaurant we had a delivery of a whole pig for a charity event.  Our delivery was supposed to be early in the day, but due to traffic as a result of the strike it did not arrive until almost 7pm.  Another restaurant was unable to open for breakfast and lunch because the bread delivery was stuck on the bridge.

This strike hit more then just the daily commuters, it hit small businesses across the bay and both parties are blind to it.


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