Posted: May 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Once a review was written about Authenticity of a dish.   When I read that a dish “wasn’t Portuguese enough and could have been from anywhere”   I started to question my own abilities to translate what i knew of my own culture, what i knew about food,  what I was representing as me.   I began to question what is authentic in food and culture.   Am I not “Authentic” because I was born in San Leandro and not Sao Miguel?

I think we have come to a point where our access to the world has become so readily available that some think they know an entire culture just because they spent a month traveling on Daddies credit card.  I’m a born and raised Azorean, I grew up with the culture, I grew up with the food, I’ve spent countless hours researching my history and my family and I can honestly say there will always be something new for me to learn.

So when you go into a restaurant a pop up even a tea shop and claim you know what you’re talking about when it comes to someone elses “authenticity” its better just to keep it to your self because in the end we don’t need you to justify how authentic we are to our own culture that we were raised in.


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